About Us

We’re a husband-and-wife team working to help you realize your goals in self-direction. Creating a good life is like creating a good garden. With the right tools, a strong foundation and hard work, one can achieve their dreams.

Our Background

Joseph McConnell grew up in the Hudson Valley in New York State and has worked throughout his career in project management, transportation, philately and media production. He began volunteering as a teacher, mentor and caregiver from a young age, and jumped at the opportunity to become a Support Broker when he learned about the program in 2018. His hobbies include gardening, hiking, camping, athletics, reading and video games. His skills in office management along with his wide range of interests help him to connect with individuals and articulate their goals.

Lindsay Imwold McConnell grew up internationally and has performed research and clerical roles throughout her career in government and teaching. She has previously provided services in Community Habilitation and moved into being a support broker in 2020. Her hobbies include wildlife photography, historical research, animal caregiving and outdoor excursions.

Our Support

We want you to feel comfortable working with us. We don’t want you to feel like this is just a business arrangement. This is about living your life to the fullest and we’re here to advocate for you. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, so please ask. We want you to be as involved as you want to be in this process of Self Directing Your Life.